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77 據點



Framing an ocean – Museum of Waiting
Fort No.77

Fort No.77 is located at west cape of Nangang Island, near Siwei Village. There is a long driveway before entering the site, when reaching the wall of fortress, the camp building is at behind. In the main building there is vertical tunnel will take you to the water front. Fort No.77 used to play a very essential defensive role during the wartime due to its location. It is very close to the China’s missile speedboat troops at the coastline, and all the warships taking direction to Huangqi Peninsula Beijiao Village would pass here via the strait. Transformation lead by MAYU Architect, Fort No.77 will turn into a museum based on its history of waiting the war to be happened and time passing, transfer its aesthetic into a container for happening, a place to co-create and co-live with environment.