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53 據點



Crystallization of Time - Blueness
Fort No.53

For No.53 is located at the south of Nangan Island, on Jinren contingency runway. The fort building is preserved in complete condition. Walk into the passage to fortress area, the curved shaped building in between the sky and sea is the main site of Fort No.53. It located on a flat terrain, on the west is the Hostel No.55 which was transformed from former Fort. No.55, on the east is the Iron Fort the military remain also the Fort No.51. Fort No.53 is standing on the rock shore and abandoned for years, in Gazing Fortress Matsu, it will be transferred into a project Blueness by Ultra-marine Design Office. Blueness is a crystallization project to embody the time, spirit and material element of the uniqueness on Fort No.53.