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26 據點



Waiting for takeoff. The secret space at the end of the land.
Fort No.26

Fort No.26 (former camp of Shanlong Peak) is located at the south of Matsu Nangang airport, nearby Jieshou village (formerly known as Shanlong). The troops withdraw the fort in recent years, the building still in a complete condition. It contains barracks, trenches and five machine gun forts. Fort No.26 used to an important stronghold for marine defense, it blocked Shanlong bay and controlled the safety of south-east water. However, it also has an astonishing view of sky and ocean. The entrance to Fort No.26 is hidden into bushes, the passage to it location is hidden under the structure of Nangang airport runway. When reaching the end of the passage, a clear view will take you to the site of Fort No.26. Geographically, Fort No.26 is the closet point after arrival at Matsu via Nangang airport. However, its hidden location is distant from the regular tourist sight-seeing route. Based on its special five-senses experience, this secret place will be transformed into an art and culture center by OASIStudio.