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Wait till
Tsou Hsiang-Hsiang

Under the shift of the current time, Matsu’s military strongholds was turned into ruins.

Being in such void and silent bunkers, seems to be able to feel the vitality of its own. And the perception of the surroundings was enhanced due to its unique spatiality.

In such moment, it reveals the connection between the reality and the inner imagery of my own, related to the experience of entire journey through the islands.

Thus I tried to respond the feelings of this place through paintings, as if it can be found some trails of this space viguely among them.

"Wait till" includes two pieces -"15:00" and "The Edge", which are planned to be presented in bases no.53.

When entering these bunkers, my sight constantly attracted by certain dimensions that could be associated with a painting carrier, such as the frame of loopholes and the range of light, had transformed into frames in the painter’s eyes. Therefore, following these figures, the carrier of the paintings are constructed, which is also a part of the painting, ambiguously existing in the scene of stronghold.

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