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馬祖作為軍事的前線,在島嶼周圍密布著大小不一的碉堡與軍事據點。這些位於島嶼邊緣的據點(edge),在軍事行動發展脈絡與方針的改變之下,近年來轉而提供給連江縣文化處作為空間活化的基地。在真正的有公權力介入空間的實質樣貌改變之前、軍事力量離開之後-據點在這數年的荒廢年(gap year)之間-真正的作為建築的本身,在島嶼的邊緣恣意地存活著。


A steady gaze fall on the island
Chinghuan Chang、Chia-Sheng Wang

Matsu, as the front line between Taiwan and China. Densely around islands are various bunkers and bases.

On the edge of islands, these strongholds have been transfer to the Lian Chiang County Cultural Affairs Department, due to the changes in thelocal development context and the policy of military operation.

Before the internention of public power changes the physical appearance of the space, these "architectures"  stands as itself for the few years with desolation, surviving on the edge of islands.

We record the appearance of these architectures, through the juxtaposition of photography, video and text profiling, to describe the environmental and spatial characteristics.

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