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An Island Far From The Sea 一座遠離海洋的島”




Untitled project, Matsu 2020-2021
Yannick Dauby

First step : Field work, Summer 2020. Exploring abandoned military construction to hear their acoustic properties. Listening informs us about our own relation to place, recording allows sharing and re(de)fining the experience of listening.

Back to homestudio : listening ex-situ, selecting fragments. Montage implies creating significations.
The following video is a report and a statement :
An Island Far From The Sea 一座遠離海洋的島

Future processes : in-site listening & off-site reconstruction of listening experiences.

In-site listening might involve direct interaction with acoustical space : triggering resonances and echoes. Focusing on the physicality of sound spaces and its effect on our mental and physical state.

Off-site reconstruction of listening might involve installation in physical space intended to be neutral, such as gallery or auditorium, but also in spaces which have already special acoustic properties. Inclusion of sound of architecture in architecture not unlike Matryoshka dolls.

Sparse photography and words might help providing a context for listening, attracting and maintaining the attention.

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