Main Discourse

“Listening to the Voices of the Island” is an art program about re-thinking the field of Matsu. Trying to use the results that come from researches and investigations of the genealogy of the field as a foundation, start from the re-discovering the landscape resources, to the context of the history and environment, local residents, the ruins of the battlefield…etc, to form a new relation from the special contexts. We begin from mapping, reconnaissance, textures , sounds, plants restoration, language memories , images, visual pictures, materials and pottery, inviting ten artists and research groups from various fields to fulfill the Matsu Islands art collecting project.
“Listening to the Voices of the Island” is to think and practice a new start, could be ecology, botany, biology, spiritual geography…etc, and these will become the best environment for developing researches and arts. Thus, the deeper meaning of “Listening to the Voices of the Island” is to search for the starting point of new relations, lives, materials and economy conditions. It is a brand new kind of field so the discussion shouldn’t be confined with how will the battlefield ruins and the structure of cultural fields be re-organized and re-open, it is more about restoring a new relation through the field structure that is combined with projects, working towards producing a new discussion.